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Huawei Watch 3

Huawei Watch 3

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Our best smartwatch for Android users, the Huawei Watch 3 is a superb addition – although still not perfect.

It debuts Harmony OS, Huawei’s new smartwatch operating system that promises more apps and features – although the current selection certainly isn’t worth getting excited for. However, it does offer users the chance to untether with LTE capabilities.

The screen is also a triumph with a 1.4-inch AMOLED display kicking out an eye-searing 1000 nit.

The build quality is incredible, with a stainless steel and ceramic case and sapphire glass. It feels weighty and expensive – blowing equivalently priced smartwatches away. However, at $450 (US price not official) it’s three times the cost of the Huawei Watch GT2

And that’s the problem. So much of the experience translates exactly from the Watch GT2 series. The sports tracking and running modes are great – but all the same as the cheaper GT2. You get the same guided training programmes for running, the ability to track metrics such as heart rate and pace as goals, and get audio feedback as you go.

There’s built in GPS, the new TruSeen 4.5 heart rate monitor, which powers SpO2 tracking of blood oxygen, stress monitoring, fatigue, VO2 Max, training load and it performs excellently as a sleep monitor. But again, most of this is found on the GT2e.

And then there’s the battery life. You’ll get around 3-4 days in normal mode and there’s a power saver that will give you around 10 days – and still keep most of the sports tracking modes, sleep, fitness and notifications running. It gives you great flexibility around how long you want to spend away from the charger.

The Huawei Watch 3 looks and feels great, offers a strong set of features, and it’s one of the best smartwatches for Android users. Harmony OS has the potential to grow into something exciting, although at launch it doesn’t feel that far removed from the GT2 series that went before.

To recommend the Watch 3 relies on you valuing the design, because if you take that away, and it’s too close to the GT2 family at three times the price.