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Apple Watch Series 6

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The Series 6 is absolutely the best Apple Watch, with the most features and high-end health tech.

It debuts the SpO2 sensor to keep an eye on blood oxygen saturation, and retains ECG for spot checking your heart rhythm for possible Afib. If that doesn’t mean much to you, perhaps the Apple Watch SE is the smarter purchase.

At $399.99 for the 40mm model it’s pricier, but the always-on display also makes it worth choosing over the Apple Watch SE. Choosing a stainless steel Series 6 is a big aesthetic improvement over the aluminum case, and another reason to pay more.

Elsewhere, it’s a minor upgrade from the Series 5. There’s GPS, sports tracking, 5ATM water resistance and all the key Apple Watch features. There’s also an always-on altimeter for you climbers and hikers.

The App Store is bustling with third-party offerings, and if there’s something the Apple Watch doesn’t do, there’s usually an app for that.

Sadly, it’s also the same Apple Watch battery life story. Apple promises 18 hours, but we found around 36 hours. Of course that heavily depends on use. But using the Apple Watch for sleep tracking means you need to think about when to charge, and that’s now a problematic side to the watch.

In short, the Apple Watch Series 6 is the best version of the best smartwatch. But ask yourself how much you care about SpO2 and ECG. If you don’t, it’s only the stainless steel finishes and always-on display that makes the Series 6 worth the extra money over the SE.